Dark Pools & High-Frequency Trading: Keith Ross, PDQ CEO Interview

Masters in Business interview of Keith Ross, Chief Executive Officer of PDQ Enterprises -- pdqats.com-- dark pool operator, and former CEO of high-frequency algorithmic trading company Getco.

Interviewer is Barry Ritholtz (ritholtz.com) who wrote:
In our conversation, we discuss what High Frequency and Algorithmic trading are, the changes in Market Structure over the past 30 years, and what the proper role of the Exchanges should be. It gets a bit wonky once the conversation whether HFTs are superior to Specialists, the plusses and minuses of Fragmentation. We also head a little deeper into the weeds on issues of Co-location, Packet-sniffing, Spoofing, Quote-stuffing and Walking away. I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up front running as well.
PDQ Enterprises is based outside Chicago in Glenview, Illinois, with offices in New York City and Westport, Connecticut. PDQ Enterprises pioneers new and efficient ways to participate in today’s complex electronic markets. A dark pool and ATS (Alternative Trading System) firm specializing in unique inverse auctions for institutional trading. Previously, Ross ran Getco, one of the largest HFT forms (Getco was sold to Knight Trading last year for $1.4B). See also: Alternative Trading System (ATS) Definition | Investopedia.

About PDQ:

    (Video published Dec 17, 2014)


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