Videos: End of the Chinese Miracle? IMF World Economic Forecast

UPDATEThis Will Be The Largest Evaporation Of Wealth In Modern History | Seeking Alpha"China's real estate bubble is a ticking time bomb ready to burst. The Chinese have 75% of their wealth tucked away in housing. China will be the largest relative evaporation of household wealth in modern history." See also: The Perfect Storm Gathering Over Gold | Seeking Alpha

The end of the Chinese miracle | FT Features:

China's economic miracle is under threat from a slowing economy and a dwindling labour force. FT investigates how the world's most populous country has reached a critical new chapter in its history. Jamil Anderlini narrates. (Published March 9, 2016, FT.com)

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IMF economic forecast digested | FT World:

The IMF (imf.org) has published its semi-annual World Economic Outlook. Emily Cadman of FT.com highlights the main takeaways. Published April 12, 2016.


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