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RE: Implementation and Work Stream 2 role for CCWG-Accountability

Dear Colleagues,
Attached is a communication to the Chartering Organizations, sent a few minutes ago, confirming that we are proceeding with an implementation oversight role.

From: Mathieu Weill [CCWG Co-Chair]Friday April 1, 2016
To: James M. Bladel; Thomas Schneider; Alan Greenberg; Patrik Fältström; Louie Lee; Ocar at lacnic.net; Katrina Sataki.
cc : Akram Atallah; David Olive; Steve Crocker; Thomas Rickert; gnso.secretariat; Tom Dale; ACCT-Staff; ICANN At-Large Staff; Bart Boswinkel; León Felipe Sánchez Ambía; Jonathan Robinson; Kimberly Carlson; Olof Nordling; Julie Hedlund; Julia Charvolen; Lise Fuhr; Theresa Swinehart; Carlos Reyes

Dear Chartering Organizations,
We are writing to you to follow up on our email from 6 March (available here), and provide an update on the Work Stream 1 implementation  oversight and scoping for Work Stream 2. Hearing no objections from the Chartering Organizations, we have proceeded with an implementation oversight role to ensure that the implementation is consistent with the Work Stream 1 report.

To date, this work has been focused on the drafting of Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. There is a critical path for the Bylaws drafting, and along with the CWG-Stewardship co-Chairs, we have instructed our legal teams to work with ICANN to draft the Bylaws. It is expected that a final draft of the proposed revisions to the Bylaws would be available for CCWG review by 2 April at the latest. The CCWG has two calls scheduled to facilitate its review of the Bylaws. Following CCWG review, the Bylaws would be published for an open community-wide public comment period.

It is important to remember that the overall transition schedule [see below] depends on completing this work. In order for the transition to take place by the end of the current contract between NTIA and ICANN on 30 September, ICANN must publish the Bylaws for a 30-day public comment period by 20 April, and the Board would need to approve the changes to the Bylaws by 27 May.

Once the Bylaws work is complete, we will turn our focus to:
  • Completing the work on IRP [Independent Review Process] that goes beyond the Bylaws
  • Finalizing the budget process in coordination with the CWG-Stewardship
  • Undertaking Work Stream 2 (WS2)
You may have seen a call for WS2 volunteers on the ICANN website last week (available here). We ask that you also share this call for volunteers widely to ensure that all interested parties, including those outside of the ICANN ecosystem, are aware that they are welcome to participate in projects of WS2. It is important for our group to continue to strive for maximized diversity of our participants going forward.

We would like to emphasize that the CCWG-Accountability will remain open to anyone who wishes to join, and we will welcome informed individuals with relevant implementation and operational experience to join the CCWG-Accountability in this next phase. Finally, we are conscious of the
heavy workload the CCWG-Accountability has been for your appointed members, and we would like to ask once more for Chartering Organizations to re-confirm member participation, and appoint new replacement members if necessary.

Thank you,
Leon Sanchez, Thomas Rickert, and Mathieu Weill
CCWG-Accountability Co-Chairs


Overall Transition Schedule via prepared testimony at the March 17 Congressional Hearing:
• March 11 – June 11: NTIA assesses transition plan
• April 15: Draft revisions to ICANN bylaws released
• April 15 – May 15: Public Comment on ICANN bylaw revisions
• Mid – April: Root Zone testing begins
• April – May: Public review period on the RZM Contract (ICANN & Verisign)
• May 31: ICANN Board approves draft bylaw revisions
 June 15: NTIA submits plan to Congress for review
• June 16Congressional review begins
• August – September New agreements are executed:
o Relationship agreements for the IANA including establishment of the PTI
o New RZM Contract
• October 1 Transition complete

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